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Proudly handcrafted in Ontario


Our Story

At Finished Grain Woodworks we believe quality handcrafted products begin and end with quality raw materials. We are advocates for sourcing materials locally and think Canadian made matters. That's why each of our handmade coasters and charcuterie boards are all made from Ontario salvaged walnut and Canadian made epoxy.


Salvaged wood means the wood comes from trees that needed to be taken down due to poor health, potential hazard to humans or various other reasons. We would never cut down perfectly healthy trees for the sake of making our products. 

The epoxy brand we use is EcoPoxy which is a bio-based Canadian epoxy which once cured is safe to come in contact with food. Our pigments are from Black Diamond Pigments which are non-toxic and come in resealable and reusable packaging. You can shop their pigments using the following link: 

Once our boards are ready to be oiled we use Ligna Bio-Supra which is a solvent-free, zero VOC wood finish which enhances the wood grain and protects wooden surfaces from water and stains. It is safe for application of surfaces that are going to come into contact with food such as charcuterie and cutting boards. 

Our coasters are also sealed with a Ligna product called Easy-Solo which is a monocoat oil for wooden floors. Easy-Solo is a penetrating oil which nourishes the wood and protects it against water marks and stains which commonly occur on coasters when a wet glass is placed upon them.

From start to finish we use quality and locally made materials to create one of a kind live edge home decor pieces. We believe using these materials provides our customers with quality handmade products that they will be able to love for many years to come. 

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